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5 ways Nairobians celebrate Christmas

1.Travelling upcountry
After a whole year of missing in action, this is the time Nairobians flock at village churches donning the best outfit so as to leave a mark till next year December. Did I mention that the village pubs will have to note there is a new sheriff in the vicinity?

2. Going out of town for Nyama Choma
Those still engaged at work or not travelling either for lack of a home upcountry or fearing expenses get out to Kitengela, Kiserian, Thika and other metropolitan towns near the city to enjoy some mbuzi ribs. Talk of downing drums of alcohol with a whole mbuzi with friends while taking Instagram photos.

3. Hold house parties
With the whining neighbours gone, it’s time to turn up the music and get dancing. Since most flats have fewer tenants present during the holidays, those present do not have to worry about making noise for people who will flock at the caretakers unit calling for them to be evicted.

4. Go hiking
There are Nairobians who only become domestic tourists during Christmas, this is the time they get their A-game on engaging in activities around nature trails. Sunglasses are common among this group of people with or without the sun shining.

5. Working
Almost forgot to mention how Nairobians cannot live a day without working. The city is always buzzing with activity and though Christmas sees a reduction in the number of businesses open there are still people who work during Christmas as they say ‘life has to move one anyway’.