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Guys, tips to date that woman out of your league this weekend

Men live for the thrill of the chase. That is where all the adventure is for them. Sometimes though, there is that woman that you can’t stop thinking about.

Problem is, she is way out of your league. She is fiercely independent, probably earns more and even drives a better car. You shouldn’t date a woman who is out of your league, right? Well, wrong!

A relationship with this woman could be the best that you’ve ever had. Here are tips to score a date with her:

1. Get the right reason – Before deciding to go after this woman who seems better than the woman of your dreams, ask yourself, why do you want to date her? If it is because of her body, her style or other such flimsy reasons, don’t walk up to her. If you are to score a date with her, your motivation needs to be so much more solid.

2. Confidence – There is nothing more off putting to the alpha woman than a man who is cowed by her strength and achievements. You need to pile on some confidence if you are to win the heart of a woman who is out of your league. You have to make sure that this confidence does not turn into arrogance though.

3. Fake it – If you are going to land a date with this woman, you have to first start believing that she isn’t out of your league. One way of getting there is to start acting as if she is in your league even when you do not believe it. If you do this long enough, it will sink in.

4. Find her weakness – Every women has one. It could be pets, good wine or even good sceneries. Once you know this about her, then you are half way into her heart.

5. Show interest in her personality – If you feel that a woman is out of your league, chances are that there are men all over the place trying to win her heart. Chances are that all they pay attention to is her looks. Be the guy that actually cares about who she is.

6. Make her laugh – That quote that says that if a man can make a woman laugh then he can make her do anything is absolutely true. Women love a funny man. Even she who is out of your league won’t be able to resist your humour.

7. Show her your strength – Your strength may not be having a powerful car or a high end job. It could be excellent singing or guitar skills. Show her. You may be surprised by how highly she thinks of you after.

8. Take care of yourself – Women are also visual creatures. If you are going to catch her eye. You must at least make an effort to look after yourself. Wear clean, well fitting clothes. Smelling nice is a huge plus.