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Woman with skull bones in her stomach passes on

Rose Mbula, the woman whose skull bones had been preserved in her stomach, passed on Friday evening at her home in Ol Donyo Sabuk.

The deceased is said to have become weak during the week and was rushed to Kenyatta National Hospital where she was treated and discharged to attend her regular clinics on Tuesday next week.

At the time of her death, Rose was yet to undergone the much needed surgery to reconstruct her skull and was still not talking.

She had been attending monthly clinics at Kenyatta National Hospital awaiting surgery.

It all started when Ms Mbula left Kenya in November 2014 in search of greener pastures at an undisclosed location in India.

Five months later, her family to received a call from the Kenyan high commission in India informing them that their daughter had fallen off a skyscraper.

Doctors who received Ms Mbula at the Indian hospital carried out an emergency surgery to stop the heavy bleeding from her head.

They then removed her skull bones and preserved them in her stomach, and later assured her kin that they would be retrieved and used to reconstruct her skull.

This is a standard practice for people with head injuries. The skull bones are inserted in the stomach to preserve them at body temperature.

Her parents and five siblings exhausted all avenues to raise Sh700,000 for the reconstruction surgery.