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14 funniest jokes about brain cell 1 and 2

Ever been in a situation where you wanted to say something but you found yourself saying something totally different?

It could be that cute girl in the matatu that you wish to compliment but you end up talking to her about global warming.

Or perhaps you wanted to speak to your boss about a salary review and you end up asking them about the weather. Well, it seems you are not the only one.

For the better part of the week, Kenyans have camped on Twitter recounting how their mouths betrayed their brains.

It is a banter that has lasted the whole week.

Below, we have curated the funniest jokes as told by Kenyans on Twitter:

1. Niko hapa tu Odeon

2. By COB

3. BTW haukai wewe

4. Weird pregnancy cravings

5. Happy birthday too

6. Jubilee ni wezi

7. Pick up lines that fail

8. IG comments

9. Blow your chance

10. You too, again

11. Unakaa fisi

12. Totois

13. Moha Jicho Pevu

14. Kunanyesha?