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14 ‘Fisi Proverbs’ every girl should be wary of

The lines have existed since time immemorial but remained largely unwritten. However, finally, thanks to Twitter, we know the tricks men use to get women to bed.

Here is the list:

1. When he wants you to put on a looser outfit for easier “access”.

2. When he wants to “fast track”.

3. Kenya version of Netflix and chill.

4. Derailed.

5. Power bank magic.

6. Just so we are clear.


7. The “fisi” that cares about your safety.

8. The “fisi” that cares about your health.

9. This chaste “fisi”.

10. The one that cares about the environment.

11. That two-third gender rule.

12. Does this even work?

13. This is just the WINNER.

14. Things are a bit heated up.


When a girl is the “fisilet”.