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12 most popular excuses used by Nairobians

The ever creative Kenyan family on social media has in the past few weeks resorted to highlighting the “excuses” offered by colleagues, friends and family.

So, have you been unlucky enough to be a recipient of any of these “excuses”? Which others have been left out? Here is a sample of the excuses:

1.Kuna M-Pesa fulani nangojea nitakusort“. – “I am waiting for someone to send me some money on (mobile money avenue – M-Pesa, an amount I will use to pay you.

2.Nitakupitia…unatoka job saa ngapi/uko kwa hao mpaka what time? Kisha haumwoni.…” – What time are you leaving the house/office? I am planning to pass by.

3.Nimepewa postdated cheque, ngojea plz” – I am waiting for a postdated cheque to mature, kindly wait.

4.Niko kwa meeting nitakupigia“. – I am in a meeting but will call you back shortly.

5.Nilikua hata Nataka kukupigia” – I was just about to call you.

6.Imagine sikuona text yako” – Imagine I didn’t see your text message

7.Sijakua around nimefika leo so nitakusort” – I have not been around, just returned today, I will sort you out.

8. “Nakupigia simu na uko busy. Mpesa ziko down nitakutumia baadaye” – I have unsuccessfully been trying to call you. The MPESA system isn’t working at the moment (so I am unable to send the cash,) will send you later.

9.Hatujalipwa, kuwa mpole”. – We are yet to be paid, kindly be patient.

10.Wacha nifike mahali kuna M-Pesa nkutumie” – Let me get to an M-Pesa point and send you the cash.

11. “I have been soo busy”

12. “Pole dear, niko na doo lakini penye niko hakuna M-Pesa shop. Haki nikipata place iko na M-Pesa nitasort…. Pole again” – I have the money but there is no M-Pesa shop around. Will send the case immediately I can get one to transact with.