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11 Tricks of getting rid of people who overstay their welcome

Having guests, family or friends who overstay their welcome is never a pleasant thing, it can be quite annoying actually.

It may be that colleague who lingers at your desk even when the conversation is over or those relatives who ended up staying two weeks longer than they should have (who by the way came unannounced).

They are those guests who, even after the party is over and everyone else has left, hang around and never take the hint when you excuse yourself to clean up or do other things.

And because we never want to ruin those friendships, it can be a tricky affair getting them to leave. So, if you ever come across these kind of people, how about trying some of these tactics:

  1. Before inviting anyone to your house ensure that you let them know how long you’re willing to have them over. After all, prevention is better than cure.
  2. Put a time limit on that conversation if you think it will drag out. You could try this line: “I was actually waiting for a friend and he/she’s just about to arrive…” This way you won’t have to come up with excuses (although you are already lying in the first place).
  3. If they have been at your house for too long, make their stay as boring and uncomfortable as you can. Hide the remote control and movies, and if worse comes to worst, turn off the water and electricity.
  4. You can tell how long visitors from upcountry intend to stay by how big their bags are. If it’s too big then prepare to have a roommate for a while. If you’re not up to it say you do not have enough room in your house. Crisis averted.
  5. Since they insist on hanging around, make them help you clean up the house, what good are they if they are not helping out? While at it, make them do the greasiest dishes you can find.
  6. Try hinting that you have somewhere else to be and you have to hurry along. Specify the time if you have to.
  7. If someone is still hell bent on staying, trying yawning and say “Oh, would you look at the time… I have to get up early in the morning…”
  8. Your body language should tell someone you need them to leave. You can start by packing your bag, looking at your phone for that “missed call” from so and so or keep looking at the clock incessantly.
  9. Ask a friend to be your SOS call, and when he/she calls you, immediately get up and politely tell your guest “I’ll walk you out.”
  10. If the guest still insists on invading your privacy walk out and tell him/her you’ll be gone for a while. After some time call them and tell them to leave the key with your neighbor or under the flower pot.
  11. If all the above tricks fail, you just have to put your foot down and ask them to leave. Do not feel guilty about being polite to them because they have to be nice to you too.