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11 Reasons why orgasms are good for you

1. Keeps you healthy – Regular sex and masturbation is important to your overall health.

2. Stimulates the brain – There has been a sensation on YouTube where a woman having an orgasm took an MRI scan of her brain.

Starting from the sensory cortex, the area related to your genitals spreads quickly to limbic system and then to the hypothalamus which release oxytocin.

3. Better than drugs – An orgasm activates a pleasure circuit in the brain. Winning money, drinking alcohol, doing drugs all activate the same circuit.

4. Love drug – Orgasm releases oxytocin, which is basically a love drug. It makes you more trusting and affectionate.

5. Reduces depression – A great orgasm can beat any anti-depressant drug.

6. Better than any sleeping pill – Can’t sleep? Studies show that masturbation relaxes your body, helping you sleep better.

7. Strengthens immune system – Having an orgasm raises the levels of Immunoglobulin A or IgA, an antibody that fight bugs or diseases.

8. Glowing skin – Orgasm is better than any other anti-aging cream. The post-sex glow is a real phenomenon in about 75 percent of women.

9. What pain? – Stimulating the G-spot can increase a woman’s pain threshold by 107 percent.

10. Fertility booster – A woman who has an orgasm retains significantly more sperm in her womb than with non-orgasmic sex. Some scientists believe orgasm produces a rhythmic contraction of the uterus that pumps the sperm into it, making conception more likely.

11. Good for the heart – A study in Israel shows women with a higher incidence of heart disease had fewer orgasms, and vice versa.