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11 city motorists charged with drunk driving

The fight against drunk driving in the city during the festive season has seen eleven motorists fined Sh10, 000 each or in default serve a three month jail terms.

The motorists who were arrested over the weekend pleaded guilty to driving motor vehicles under the influence of alcohol.

Police officers have started using breathalyzers, popularly known as alcoblow, to arrest drunk drivers in a bid to reduce road carnage in the city.

The breathalyzers usually detects the amount of alcohol one has consumed when a person blows to it through a small mouthpiece which is discarded after use.

Senior principal magistrate Cherono warned the motorists against drunk driving, telling them he would not like to see them in court again.

In mitigation, some of the accused told the court that they underestimated the amount of alcohol they had consumed.

“Your honour, please be lenient to me I did not think the amount I took was not correct,” said one of the accused.

The court issued warrants of arrests against some accused persons who did not attend and the cash bail they had deposited with the police forfeited.

Most of the motorists walked to freedom as they managed to pay the fine imposed by the court.