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10 Things to know about Emmanuel Adebayor

Here some interesting facts about the Togolese football star who have gone ballistic on his family member:

1. He was born in Lome, Togo and is regarded by pundits as one of the best talents to emerge from Africa.

2. A search of his names, “Emmanuel Adebayor” on Google returns a million plus results within 0.35 seconds.

3. He rose to international fame moments after signing for Arsenal  from Monaco in 2006, for a reported Sh 450 million deal.

Arsenal trainer Arsene Wenger described his playing style as similar to that of Nigerian legend Nwankwo Kanu – who happens to be the Adebayor’s role model.

4. He has been involved in a series of bust ups with various Togo Football Association managements, mostly over  unpaid bonuses.

5. He was pictured crying moments after survived a gristly terrorist attack in Angola in the run up to the 2010 Africa Cup of Nations in Angola, that left one member of the Togo national football team dead and six others critically injured.

6. He was accused of head butting his own teammate Niklas Bendtner at Arsenal during a Cup tie against Tottenham Hotspur in which his side lost 5-1, an incident that left the later with a bloodied nose.

Media reports suggest “Ade” who had come on as a substitute in that contest, kick started the feud against the Danish international by telling him on more than two occasions that “I have been brought on (the pitch) because you are sh*t.

7. He was handed a three match ban by the Football Association in England following a stamp on the head of former Arsenal teammate Robin Van Persie. The incident occurred during a league match involving his then club Manchester City against Arsenal. He later issued a public apology over the incident “it is true that if someone did that to me it would hurt and annoy me. I regret it, for sure.

8. In that same match, which Manchester City won 4-2, he sparked the wrath of his former club fans by running the full length of the pitch to celebrate a goal he scored in front of them. He later apologized for the incident.

9. He was handed an indefinite compassionate leave by Tottenham last December so as to go attend personal matters in his native Togo. At the time it was believed he had asked for permission to go attend to a sick family member.

10. He has had several run-ins with his immediate family in recent times. Last November, he accused his siblings and mother of using “juju” or withcraft on him. Earlier this week, he accused his family members on Facebook of extortion and theft. His sister Lucia has since responded, calling him a liar.