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10 safety dos and donts of Christmas night outs

Christmas is here, and with it comes merry making. One way some people choose to celebrate is by going on night outs.

Here are ways to ensure you are safe during this weekend’s Christmas night out;

1. Don’t announce your absence

Safety starts from the house as you prepare to hit the club. Your neighbours do not need to know that you will be away. You can however confide in a trusted person, say a caretaker, who will do something in case of any activity in your house.

2. Notify a family member where you will be

It is important that a family member knows your whereabouts. Make a call to your brother, sister or cousin who will alert the family in case of any incident at the place you will be merrymaking. Remember to notify the person once you come back home.

3. Save up emergency contacts

As your head out, save numbers of police hotlines and ambulances on your phone or even memorise if possible. This will enable you to call for help when in trouble. The Kenya Police Hotlines are 999, 911 and 112 while the Kenya Red Cross ones are 1199, 0700395395 and 0738395395.

4. Cover your tracks

Do not be so easy to follow or track, if possible leave your car and hop into a cab. It is easier for people with ill intentions to follow your car than track a cab driver. Use alternative routes to the venue but do not act paranoid, cab drivers hate paranoid clients.

5. Know your venue well

Once you are there, inspect the premise to familiarise yourself with the exits. They will come in handy in case of any incident. Position yourself at a siting area where you are most comfortable.

6. Don’t leave your drink or food unattended

It may seem like a no brainer but often people tend to trust their friends with drinks and food. Ensure you finish what s in your cup or plate before visiting the washroom.

7. Eat well before starting to drink

Alcohol never goes down well in an empty stomach, ensure you eat well before downing your favourite drink. This will ensure you do not get drunk very fast or even end up with a bad hangover.

8. Alternate drinks with water

Stay hydrated throughout the night, this is not only good for your health but will also guarantee you maximum fun. When alternating water with alcohol, ones tends to be able to hold for longer periods without getting drunk so fast.

9. Know your limit

Keep monitoring your intake and slow down when you feel drowsy. Its okay to end the night earlier than anticipated than to end up in a ditch the following morning. Avoid mixing many alcohol brands that your body is not used to.

10. Don’t walk alone

If you need to take a stroll walk with a friend and when time comes to go home, call your trusted cab guy or better yet request for a registered cab service online. Ensure you notify a friend or family member when you get home.