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10 independents who are running for president

As the deadline for independent candidates closed on Monday, 10 people have shown interest in the highest office of the land.

The 10 intend to vie for president as independent candidates joining Jubilee’s President Uhuru Kenyatta and Nasa’s Raila Odinga.

Here is a list of the 10 candidates who are seeking the presidency as independents:

1. Nazlin Umar

She vied for presidential in 2007 on a Workers Congress Party of Kenya garnering 8,624 votes beating Kenneth Matiba with his Saba Saba Asili party ticket.

2. Stephen Owoko

This Nyanza native says he is going for the seat as his kinsman Raila Odinga is a perennial loser and their region is poverty stricken.

The other in the race are:

3. Robert Mukhwana Juma

4. Joseph Ngacha Karani

5. Japheth Kavinga Kaluyu

6. Nixon Kukuboh Jeremiah

7. Joseph Musyoka Masini

8. Erastus Nyamera Masira

9. David Munga Mwadende

10. Michael Wainaina

Edwin Wambua, a 31 year old pastor of the Truth Ministry Church in Kitui was also awaiting clearance by the time of publishing.