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10 basic etiquette tips to observe at end of year office parties

It is that time of the year when organisation hold parties for their staff and review the year over beer and nyama choma.

During these parties, a lot can happen which may jeopardize one’s career. Here are some of the basic etiquettes to observe.

1.Do not over indulge
Most office parties are paid for by the company. Avoid the temptation of succumbing to the desire of overindulging. Stick to your alcohol brand as well as your maximum number of bottles.  There are known cases of employees puking on their boss.

2. Do not be loud
Being talkative is good and is a great way to socialize with your colleagues. However, do not give too much information. No one wants to know who dumped or cheated on you during the year. Engage in limited and necessary talk and if tempted just take a stroll or join the dance floor to keep yourself busy.

3. Keep your distance
When enjoying music and dancing with colleagues, keep your distance. You cannot be the girl who was seen grinding the boss.

4. Observe table manners
While feasting on that nyama choma do not forget your table manners. You do not have to contribute to every discussion when you still have some food in your mouth.

5. Good grooming
Take a shower and do not over indulge in scents while preparing for the party. This includes choice of dressing, do not end up with a hot pant at the office party. Save it for your night out with friends.

6. Tagmates or none
Enquire in advance who is allowed to join in before tagging your spouse along. If no spouses are allowed, and your better half is too possessive to let you go alone, just opt out. It will save you crazy stares from colleagues.

7. Do not just make an appearance
Note the arrival time and observe it to avoid arriving minutes before the end of the party.You do not just to make an appearance at office parties.

8. Introduce yourself
This may be the only time your get to meet and have a one-on-one with the new chief executive. So create a good impression and introduce yourself and what you do.

9. Respect your colleagues’ privacy
Just because you love photos doesn’t mean everyone else loves them. Request for permission before taking photos of your colleagues and also before sharing them on social media. Some people just don’t like oversharing online.

10. Do not flirt
An office party is not an opportunity to kiss and caress your office crush. Save that for a proper date. Interact respectfully with colleagues no matter the feelings you think you share.

11. Do not bad mouth
Office gossip should not find its way to an office party. Just talk with the people who have attended and not about those who haven’t.