Kerubo Anassi (left) with her father Enock Anassi. PHOTO | COURTESYKerubo Anassi (left) with her father Enock Anassi. PHOTO | COURTESY

A Kenyan dad is trending on social media for accompanying his daughter to class after being stranded in New York in the aftermath of Hurricane Harvey.

Mr Enock Anassi was helping his daughter Kerubo Anassi move to college in New York to start her first year of graduate studies at The New School.

But because of the flooding, Kerubo’s parents couldn’t immediately return to Houston. So they stayed to help their daughter find an apartment.

When the parents went to drop her off at class on last week, Mr Anassi joked that he’d be staying for the day’s lesson.


“The plan was for them to wait outside her class until she finished and then they get on the road, but my father proceeded to follow my sister into the elevator and to her oral history class,” Ms Kerubo’s brother, Omete Annasi, told local media.

“Initially my sister thought it was funny, but then got very upset and embarrassed when the joke didn’t end and my father didn’t leave. He proceeded to stay in class the entire time, get a syllabus, take audible pictures (never turning his phone on silent), and quizzing my sister constantly on the information being taught.”

Mr Anassi sent a selfie of him in class with his daughter to their family group chat, which Omete shared on Twitter.

Within two days, that tweet quickly went viral and had more than 40,000 retweets and 150,000 likes. The New School even tweeted its support and offered Mr Anassi a free shirt.