A Muslim man who carried his elderly parents alone for more than 100km in a makeshift stretcher to escape killer squads in Myanmar has been hailed a hero globally.

The unidentified man tied two woven baskets on either side of a stick and used his shoulders as the pivot. He then embarked on the torturous journey from Rohingya in Burma where Muslims are being persecuted.

On side was 65-year-old mother and on the other his father, 80. Both are well tucked but look drained and frail.

The man was photographed in Bangladesh after trekking for 10 days barefoot.

The picture has been shared countless times on social media.

Muslim in Rohingya, Burma face discrimination and violence from the Buddhist majority in the country. Authorities, however, claim the military is fighting terrorists.

Human rights activists say the military is engaging in ethnic cleansing.