Ephy Adhiambo Oreny

A Kenyan teenage girl will be competing in this year’s Breakthrough Junior Challenge, an internationally-run competition that seeks to inspire students to think creatively in the sciences.

Competing in the Breakthrough Junior Challenge is a 14 year old Kenyan teen Ephy Adhiambo Oreny who has a great passion for science.

Oreny is a student from the Raila Educational Center and is hoping to win herself a scholarship and her school a science laboratory.

The competition’s rigid requirements are structured to encourage participants to explore various scientific themes in a creative, innovative approach.

They are then expected to upload their presentation on YouTube.


The competition funded by Mark Zuckerberg, Sergey Brin, and Anne Wojcicki, as well as National Geographic, has seen many submission this year, with students from United States of America, Singapore and more sending in their submission ahead of the prizing giving announcement in December 2017.

Ephy’s submission if she wins, could have her walk away with a university scholarship of Sh 25 million ($250,000) and a scholar laboratory worth Sh10 million ($100,000).

The last born of 6 children, Oreny is also a recipient of ROCK Scholarship and hopes to complete high school and move on to university.

To vote for her submission, visit the site here.