It is no wonder that these men, the so-called millennials, are a bunch of emotional wrecks. PHOTO | DAILY NATIONIt is no wonder that these men, the so-called millennials, are a bunch of emotional wrecks. PHOTO | DAILY NATION

This is not the first time I am writing about the weak men of my generation. The diminutive, spineless, mummies’ boys below the age of 30.

These boys have been outwitted and outsmarted by their female counterparts. They cannot hold down jobs, they are lazy and can never be accused of being go-getters. You will notice that most of these weak boys are living puny little lives chiefly because most were raised by single mothers.

These harebrained men turned out the way they did because they did not have fathers or strong men to look up to and be taught how to be men.

Single mothers are raising weak, effeminate and sentimental sissies who can easily cry on demand.

Their single mothers raised them like little girls. That is why they have never outgrown their mothers’ laps and bosoms.

They are the products of “pink parenting”. They were raised to be ‘sensitive’ and “in touch with their feminine side”.

In other words, they were raised to be sissies who exhibit girlish behaviour like crying, whining, complaining and self-pity; woiyee mannerisms reserved only for little girls.


It is no wonder that these men, the so-called millennials, are a bunch of emotional wrecks. Real men don’t cry. But it seems that these weak ones did not get the memo because they missed a very important aspect of life; having a real man in their lives who would tell them to shut up, wipe away those tears, suck it up and take the pain like real men.

Because they were always showered with hugs and kisses by their single mothers, they think the world owes them niceties when in trouble.

Even worse are the single mothers of today who raise their sons on social media and tweet nonsense like: “This Valentine’s, the only man I need is my best friend, my son.”

Your son is not your girlfriend. Stop using him like a little handbag, carrying him to the salon, chamas, weddings and baby showers. Boys are not built for that kind of nonsense where they are drowned in oestrogen.

A woman cannot raise a man. Raising a real man is a painful process. It is like smelting silver into a bar. The little boy must experience the refiner’s touch to become a man. The little boy is like an ore, teeming with silver. To be a man, he has to go through the furnaces, he must first become molten silver, after which he is placed in the crucible of life and cast or mold into a real man.

The purifier of silver — a real man — will take the boy through the smelting process until he begins to see his own image in the boy. Then he knows the boy is ready to be a man.

It is in those excruciating furnaces that the boyish impurities are destroyed and the end product is a rod of pure silver. A real man, if you like.


A single mother is the farthest thing from a refiner. It takes a stoic man to raise another.

Many single mothers raising boys do not realise this. They raise their little boys in their own  likeness. They bring up their sons in isolation, without realising the damage they are doing to them. They become weak men who cannot even fend for themselves. They cannot even take on the world because they are hiding behind their mothers’ skirts.

They are hardly more than tall boys who live with mummy until age 25, who drive mummy’s car to dates, use mummy’s credit cards and eat mummy’s food from mummy’s fridge.

Single mums must stop raising feminine men who walk around with manbags and lip balms in their pockets like they saw their mummies doing.

For the record, I am not against single mothers. They are indubitably strong and resilient. But the truth is, if you have a son, expose him to strong men and allow their stoicism to rub off on your son. Send them to your uncles for a start.

There are tonnes of real men who were raised by single mothers but with a special ingredient; a litany of strong, disciplinarian, stoic men whose counselled them and kept them from the path of ruin.

They were sent to live with their male relatives who, in the midst of doing manly things like hunting and toiling in the sun, taught the boys how to work hard, be strong and most important, how to be a man.